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Our firm was founded in 1950 by Earl Foster near the intersection of Stevens Creek and De Anza Boulevards in the heart of Cupertino in a small building owned by the R. Cali brothers. In those days the only “Apple” in Cupertino was the fruit, and there was plenty of it in the surrounding Orchards. West Valley Bookkeeping and Tax Service was the original name of the firm and the focus was on providing quality tax and accounting services and advice to the small business owners, farmers, nonprofits, and professionals in the Santa Clara Valley. During this period the firm grew to be the largest tax preparation firm in the Santa Clara Valley. In 1980 Earl Foster sold the practice to a 23 year old “kid” named David (Dave) G. Wheeler Jr.

Dave carried on the tradition of providing quality service and advice to his clients and for those of you that know him, he excelled at developing rapport with his clients and truly serving as their trusted advisor. It was not uncommon for a client to “Ask Wheeler” before making any important financial decision. Dave grew the firm throughout the 1980’s and the firm changed its name to Wheeler & Company CPA’s in 1986.

As the Santa Clara Valley has evolved over the years, so has our firm. We still have clients that worked with Earl Foster to this day, a testament to our commitment to deep and meaningful long-term client relationships. As the farmland and orchards of the Santa Clara Valley gave way to semiconductor companies and silicon wafers, the tax and accounting complexities facing our clients as well as their needs changed. Our firm is no stranger to the humble origins of Silicon Valley. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s the firm provided services to numerous individuals and companies in Silicon Valley, from multi billionaire founders of some of the largest companies in the world, to C level executives at Fortune 100 companies, to many of the best and brightest engineers and entrepreneurs behind everyday Silicon Valley companies and technologies with which you are familiar. Some of the biggest names in Real Estate and Tech in Silicon Valley have been our clients throughout the years.

The firm underwent a series of mergers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s including the merger of Lanier & Madej, itself a firm dating back to the 70’s, and Greg Genetti, CPA in the late 90’s. By 2001 the firm of LMGW CPA’s had been formed when Wheeler & Company merged with LMG, CPA’s. The firm subsequently merged in Keith Plottel’s practice in 2002 and the firm of Canavan & Schmalz in 2003. With each merger the firm added clients, staff, and expertise.

In 2007, Keith Plottel took over the firm as managing partner and helped navigate the firm through the Great Recession as well as provide the stability and guidance needed to set the firm on the right path toward future growth and success. In 2016, the firm successfully mergered in the practice of Leonard Williams, CPA in Sunnyvale. As of 2017, our firm has 30 employees and we have come full circle to our roots of providing quality service, advice, and developing meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients. Who knows how many future billionaires are in our client list today? At the heart of it, our job is to help clients solve problems. Hence we “solve for accounting”. When a client has a question, a concern, a decision they are facing, or a business problem, we help them solve it. We create outstanding value for our clients, and we serve as objective and trusted advisors to them. That’s what our brand represents and that is who we are.

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